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The Perfect Fit for a December Downsize

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8th Jun 2022 4 minute read

When Scottish teacher Elayn O’Neill was looking to downsize her home, a Google search led her to our service. Through comparing partners with Compare My Move, Elayn found the Moving Home Company. The Central London-based firm turned out to be the perfect fit - quite literally - for her pre-Christmas move.

Searching for a removal company

Having previously moved from Scotland to London to be closer to her daughter, Elayn has moved 3 times since 2014. This time, the move required further downsizing - and a company able to move Elayn in mid-December.

“It was the wrong time to be moving - Christmas time. Our actual date was the 17th of December, but it just worked out like that.”

Thankfully, Compare My Move has partners who are not only experts in downsizing moves, but are available at all times of the year. This enabled Elayn to move when she needed to, without issue.

How did you find Compare My Move?

Like many of our first-time customers, Elayn found Compare My Move through a Google search. Typing into the search bar “how to find moving companies”, Elayn decided our site was the way to go. This was especially the case since she has found comparison sites useful in the past.

“If that information is to hand and in one location, why wouldn't you use it? It was really straightforward and easy to go into and start comparing.”

Getting matched with companies

With a range of prices and services, Elayn found she was able to compare our partners to find the right fit for her move.

“Your site is really good because it gave me 3 or 4 people that were in proximity and were experienced. I always look at people's reviews because that gives you a good indicator as well.”

Now with a list of companies to choose from, Elayn reviewed prices and availability. Having moved a few times in the past, she knew what questions to ask and what she was looking for in a removal company.

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Choosing a partner

When it came to choosing a partner, Elayn opted for the most personable company. This turned out to be one of our most highly-reviewed London partners, the Moving Home Company.

When it came to price, the Moving Home Company was mid-range compared to the other companies. They were not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive.

Although the price was part of the consideration when choosing a removals company, it wasn’t the deciding factor. What made Moving Home Company stand out for Elayn, was how approachable and flexible they were.

“Somebody phoned me to say, “Have you thought a bit more about it? Are there any other questions that need to be answered?” That personal touch was really good.”

How did Moving Home Company help?

Elayn told us how the 2 Moving Home Company team members were professional, polite and careful when it came to moving her belongings. Elayn was impressed by how they took care of anything marked fragile, moving everything in line with her planning.

“They were really hard working, really polite and really respectful. They listened to any concerns that we had and we just all got along on the day.”

Elayn found that the day was a lot less stressful with the right people on the job. There were discussions and planning before packing the van, which helped the process. But it was the personal and friendly approach which made the move a far more pleasant experience for Elayn and her family.

“It’s not an easy day when you're doing a move. But when you've got people that can make it a little bit lighter and easier, it really does make such a difference. They knew exactly what they were doing. They struck me as very professional.”

Were there any issues?

Despite the day running smoothly, Elayn’s daughter - who had arrived to help with the move - had her doubts. Elayn told us when she saw the size of the removal van, her reaction was “There's no chance. No chance…Do you realize it's going to be at least 2 or 3 trips?” And she had a laugh with the removal men, who reassured her that everything would fit in the van.

“They were laughing with her saying, “But it's the way you pack it!” And to be honest, that was exactly what happened. My daughter said, “I completely take that back. Not only have you got everything into your truck, but you've got space!”

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What advice would you give to others moving house?

Elayn recommends that anyone moving should not only use Compare My Move but also read the customer reviews on the provided partner pages.

Our dedicated partner pages give an overview of each company and what they offer, complete with honest reviews from real customers.

“(The companies) need to earn their rating from people. People will be honest about what that experience is like. And so that again reassured me. Everybody learns from each other's experiences.”

How Can Compare My Move Help You?

Compare My Move has helped thousands of happy movers save time and money when moving house.

If you're like Elayn and have been looking for the perfect removal company in your area, we can match you with up to 6 verified removal companies. All of our partners have Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances, so you know your belongings are protected whilst in their care.

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