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The Comparison Site That Made an Emotional Move Easier

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29th Mar 2022 6 minute read

Downsizing from your previous home can be a difficult task after living there for so many years. This was the emotional challenge John and his wife were faced with after purchasing a property in August 2021. With so many memories to pack up, the couple knew they were going to need the assistance of a professional removals company. This is where Compare My Move was able to help.

Searching for a removal company

To reduce the amount of maintenance required, John and his wife made the decision to downsize to a bungalow. Their previous house had become far too large for them to cope with and so it seemed like the best solution to ensure an easier everyday life.

“We had been there for 47 years, so it was not an easy decision to make. But we both think we made the right decision now.”

As John and his wife are both 75, they were fairly restricted with what they could physically do when it came to moving. It was vital that they could find a verified and dependable removals company to provide assistance.

How did you find Compare My Move?

Compare My Move’s expert team work hard to provide movers across the UK with useful information concerning the moving process. To do this, we create insightful guides and articles that can be easily found on Google. This was where John first heard our name.

“I was looking online for removal people, so it would have been a Google search that came up with the [website]. I entered my details and got the response quickly...”

With a few simple details and no time at all, John was matched with several of our removal partners who were all available to lend a helping hand.

Getting matched with companies

John and his wife were connected with 3 removal firms in total, all of which operated across their local area.

John stated that whilst the price was an important part of the comparison process, so was the specific location in which the companies were based. This was why using a reliable comparison site was so important to them.

“They were local, I think they were Sheffield based - it can be difficult to know where the border between Sheffield and Rotherham is because it merged together.”

Compare Removal Company Costs

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How did you decide which partner to use?

One of the main reasons Compare My Move is so unique is that we don’t quote our users, our partners do. This means they’re competing to provide customers with the best price so our users get the best deals possible. It also means that you discuss your requirements directly with the company in question.

Out of the 3 removal partners the couple were matched with, they decided to work with Clockwork Removals Sheffield due to their competitive prices and accommodating nature. After the initial conversation, the movers arranged a free home removals survey to assess the couple’s needs and the volume of items that required moving.

This meant the team could provide a more personalised quote and alter the removal plan according to the specific requirements. It also meant that John and his wife could save some extra cash in the process.

“Clockwork Removals did a good [home removal] survey and suggested that if we moved mid-week, it would be cheaper, which made more sense to us.”

How did Clockwork Removals help?

An official Compare My Move partner since August 2018, Clockwork Removals Sheffield have experience with all types of house moves and have amassed an impressive 5-star rating amongst our users.

John was also quick to praise the Clockwork Removals team, stating how flexible they were on the day and how they were always happy to help make the process as easy as possible for the couple.

“It was excellent. They were very accommodating with where we wanted things moved.”

After having to say goodbye to their home of 47 years, it had become a fairly emotional and exhausting day. But with the removal team's help, the couple were unpacked and ready to settle into their new home in no time at all.

“We can definitely say they were excellent.”

Were there any issues?

To gain a better understanding of the couple’s experience, we asked John what other issues they faced when moving. He explained that downsizing to a bungalow brought a few challenges they hadn’t initially expected, such as the need to greatly declutter before completion.

“Apart from the emotional aspect, it was getting rid of all of the stuff we'd accumulated over 47 years...There were so many trips to the tip and we had to be ruthless.”

It was a very stressful and almost traumatic process for John’s wife especially as they rummaged through years' worth of memories, deciding which to keep and which to throw away. It also meant they had to re-evaluate certain items on the day of the move too.

“I wasn't going to take one item, the single bed. But when we went to buy a replacement, we found we couldn't get one at short notice. So I rang [Clockwork Removals] up and they accommodated us without extra charge.”

It was this forgiving and accommodating nature that made Clockwork Removals the perfect team for the job. They were able to easily work around the couple and their individual needs, fitting an extra item of furniture into the plan for free on the day.

What advice would you give future movers?

After hearing John’s intriguing story, we asked him what advice he would provide future movers. His reply was simple: start as early as possible and think about what you’re taking with you.

“Start early! Recognize what you will need first…”

John continued by providing advice from the perspective of an elderly couple moving house. He explained that it’s vital you think further in advance and consider the most important factors.

“Don't just look at the now. Look at what the future's going to hold for you too.”

Compare Removal Company Costs

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Would you recommend using Compare My Move?

As we completed our call with John, we asked him whether he would recommend our services after his own personal moving experience. He was very quick to praise Clockwork Removals for a job well done and said he would definitely recommend Compare My Move.

“Yes, certainly…It was a good experience overall.”

How can Compare My Move help you?

Compare My Move’s free online comparison service has helped thousands of happy movers over the years saving them both time and money during the moving process.

If you’re searching for a verified and experienced removal company like John and his wife, we can match you with up to 6 moving companies in your local area. Rest assured, all of our partners have Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances, so you know your possessions will be protected throughout the move.

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Did you know that removals aren't the only way we help our users? We can also help you save money during other stages of the moving journey by comparing RICS registered surveyors, regulated conveyancers and reliable storage companies.

Additionally, we can guide you through the buying, selling or moving process with our expert advice and research. Whether you’re at the start, middle or end of the journey, we have a range of articles to view in our advice centre.