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Using a Comparison Site for an Awkward House Move

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28th Mar 2022 6 minute read

Katie had recently been presented with an exciting new job offer, meaning it was time to relocate. But with a difficult and awkward move on the horizon, Katie knew that she was going to need the help of an official comparison site to find the best removals company for the job. With a range of professional services available, Compare My Move was the perfect solution.

Searching for a removal company

Whilst Katie was a young professional moving alone, the lack of working elevators in the converted townhouse was going to make the experience extremely difficult and exhausting. She knew immediately that she was going to need help.

“I was moving from a first-floor flat to a third-floor old townhouse…But there was no lift and the stairs were quite hard work. I knew I needed a removal company that could deal with that.”

With a network of over 500 removal partners across the UK, Compare My Move was able to match Katie with several verified and trusted moving companies in her local area. It ensured a much quicker process, meaning Katie was packed up and on the road in no time.

How did you find Compare My Move?

Using an official comparison website was essential to Katie’s process. She wanted to ensure the professionals she was matched with were verified, experienced and completely qualified to carry out the awkward house move.

“For a previous move, I used one of the van comparison sites, which is a bit less official. But because this was a bigger move, I wanted to go through a website that listed proper removal companies.”

Compare My Move was one of the first options presented in the search engine, meaning Katie didn’t have to look far to find a comparison site that appealed to her and her requirements.

I just googled ‘compare removal quotes’ or something like that.”

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Getting matched with companies

One of the reasons our service is so unique is that we do not quote our users, our partners do. This allows users like Katie to speak directly with the removal companies before receiving a quote. By providing them with her specific requirements, Katie was able to compare prices more accurately, ensuring a personalised removals plan.

“Everyone was very quick. Either the same day or the next day, I was receiving calls from different companies.”

Katie was especially impressed with the number of services available to her, as well as the range of prices.

“People were quite competitive and not just on price, but on the services they offered.”

For Katie, the most important part of Compare My Move was the user reviews on each firm’s unique partner page. They allowed her to read feedback from previous users and easily compare the different services available.

“That was important to me, to see the ratings and how many there were. That was really helpful.”

How did you decide which partner to use?

Whilst the cost of the removal is a major factor when comparing quotes, so is the quality of the services. These were all aspects Katie reviewed when choosing which partner to use. From the insurance to the calibre of reviews, Katie had a foolproof screening process that allowed her to choose the best professionals for the job.

“I was looking for the cheapest company that provided a good service. So, for example, included insurance, brought all their own blankets and had good reviews.”

Out of the options suggested, Izzy Removals was the partner that most appealed to Katie. They offered high-quality removal services at highly competitive prices, ensuring they stood out immediately. Not only did they reply quickly, but they offered the most appropriate services on the best possible dates.

“They were the first to contact me and no one else seemed to be able to match their price…I was also quite strict on the days that I had available.”

How did Izzy Removals help?

Izzy Removals have been a partner with Compare My Move since December 2017. They have gained a superb 5-star rating from our users since they joined - a factor that has persuaded many users to continue working with them, Katie included.

When asked how Izzy Removals and their team performed on the day of her house move, Katie gave a glowing review and couldn’t praise them enough for their efforts.

“They kept really good communication…They were great before and they were great on the day - really friendly, really professional and got everything done with no issues.”

She explained that the move was fairly awkward as everything had to be unloaded upstairs, increasing the amount of hard work required. However, the team quickly rose to the challenge and gave a very professional and efficient service.

“They were very helpful and worked really hard. They were just great.”

Were there any issues?

The most difficult aspect of Katie’s move was the fact that she was moving to a third-floor apartment with no elevators to transport her belongings. It meant a lot of stairs to climb with a lot of awkward furniture.

However, Izzy Removals took everything in their stride, clearly having enough experience to work around such an undesirable situation.

“I had quite a bit of furniture, which they dealt really well with. It was clearly hard work, but they were joking about it.”

With great teamwork and an efficient removal plan, it didn’t take long until Katie was completely moved in despite the issues presented.

“I was helping them out and they were very grateful...I was very impressed by how quickly they got everything up.”

Compare Removal Company Costs

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What advice would you give future movers?

Katie’s biggest piece of advice was to compare removal quotes and ensure you speak directly with the company before deciding. This is definitely good advice to follow as it allows movers to get a bespoke removal plan that is completely tailored to them.

“I'd probably say speak to the removal companies over the phone and make sure you discuss all the details of the move.”

Would you recommend using Compare My Move?

Before ending our call, we asked Katie whether she would recommend Compare My Move based on her recent experience using our services. The answer was a resounding yes.

“Yeah, I'd say a comparison site is a really good way of having them contact you and having a few different conversations with different people.”

How can Compare My Move help you?

Since our establishment, Compare My Move has helped thousands of happy movers across the UK, saving them both time and money during the process.

If you’re looking for a verified removal company like Katie, we can match you with up to 6 reliable moving companies in your local area. Rest assured, all of our partners have Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances, so you know your possessions will be protected throughout the journey.

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Did you know that our services expand beyond removals? We can also help our users save money during other stages of their moving journey by comparing RICS regulated surveyors, SRA or CLC regulated conveyancers and dependable storage companies.

Additionally, we can guide you through the buying, selling or moving process with our expert advice and research. Whether you’re at the start, middle or end of the journey, we have a range of articles in our advice centre that have been expert-approved.