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30th Jun 2022 7 minute read

Whilst they were at the final stage of the moving process, Michelle and her husband found themselves without a concrete moving date.

This made it difficult to plan everything in advance and meant they required the help of a flexible and reliable moving company to ensure they could work around their changing schedule. This is where Compare My Move was able to help.

How did you find Compare My Move?

To ensure they had a good list of options to choose from, Michelle did what most of us would do in this situation: ask the internet. This meant that Compare My Move was one of the first solutions presented to her.

“I just googled house removals in my area.”

Michelle soon found our online removals form and with a few simple details she was matched with some of the best moving companies in her local area. It was just that easy.

“You just put in the details that you want and then it gives you a list straight away. You just pick a couple [companies] from the area or as many as you want! They give you full transparency.”

Getting matched with companies

We asked Michelle why she chose to use a Compare My Move partner and the answer was simply ‘trust’. She appreciated the transparency of the process and knew our network would be made up of verified and reliable companies.

“To me, if they’re on your website, they would be worth using. I don't think you would have any cowboys on the site.”

For further reassurance, every moving company that becomes an official partner must show proof of Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance. This means that both our users and their belongings are completely protected during the journey.

This verification process was one of the many factors that encouraged Michelle and her husband to use our service.

Compare Removal Company Costs

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How did you decide which partner to use?

Michelle had a few options to choose from, so she continued the process by contacting 2 of our removal partners for more information. They assessed her specific needs and conducted free home removal surveys to ensure they could give an accurate quote.

By speaking directly with the companies, Michelle was able to accurately compare prices and find the right team for the job. The quotes varied but the couple’s main concern was flexibility and price.

“I did get 2 quotes, the people I used were the cheapest.”

Whilst both moving companies offered a range of services and flexible removal plans, Michelle’s final decision ultimately came down to the removal cost and one company outshone the other in that field.

“I think they were about double the price…you do get different prices but not to that extent.”

And so, with all details considered, the team they decided to work with was O S Removals.

Compare Removal Company Costs

Save up to 70% on Removal Costs

How did O S Removals help?

An official Compare My Move partner since January 2020, O S Removals has achieved an impressive 5-star rating from our users. They have experience in all types of house moves and have previously been mentioned in one other Happy Mover story.

When recalling the initial contact, Michelle stated that she was very impressed by how quickly O S Removals replied. With their moving date still undecided, efficiency was of the utmost importance as they would need to move as soon as it was confirmed.

“At the time, I didn't have a moving date, only an idea. I was open and honest with them…They asked for an inventory and they came back straight away with the price.”

The team were very accommodating and knew that flexibility was a must when planning Michelle’s removal. They were quick to reply and ensured Michelle was aware of precisely what she’d be paying for.

They were as efficient as possible and kept an open line of communication to ensure they were ready when the couple’s moving date was confirmed.

“They were really, really good guys.”

What stood out about the house move?

Once Michelle and her husband finally had their moving date, it was time to get packed up and on the road.

We asked Michelle what stood out to her the most when working with O S Removals on the day and her main answer was the care and respect they showed to the couple’s belongings.

“I think the lack of damage. The company we used took really good care of everything.”

Moving house is a stressful but fulfilling event. However, one of the major concerns most movers have is whether their furniture is going to be handled carefully. It takes a lot of trust to hand over your belongings, especially if personal or sentimental items are mixed in. This is why it’s vital you work with a fully insured and experienced removal company.

“When you move house, you think, ‘I'll put that there.’ But when you actually get everything inside, you think, “No, it doesn't look right” [so it means more moving]. So damages were the only thing I was really worried about but I didn’t have any.”

What advice would you give future movers?

After reflecting on her house move, we asked Michelle what advice she would give to our current users to help them through the moving process. Her answer was to ensure you plan everything in advance.

“Get all your ducks in a row as soon as possible.”

This is definitely sound advice as there are a lot of steps in the moving house process so it’s important you’re on top of things. The earlier you start to plan, the more organised you’ll be.

Michelle then continued by stating how hiring a professional removal company was also a vital factor for her and her husband.

“It is a nightmare. I think moving house is no matter what you do. I've moved in the past where we did everything ourselves and it's just a nightmare. This time, we got a company in and it ran so smoothly.”

By comparing removal quotes, Michelle found an experienced and reliable moving company she could trust. This meant a less stressful and smoother process that made her house move easier.

Compare Removal Company Costs

Save up to 70% on Removal Costs

Would you use our other services?

Here at Compare My Move, we have recently expanded our services to include storage quotes. This means you can now save time comparing conveyancers, surveyors, removal companies and storage providers.

Whilst Michelle was not actively looking for these services during her house move, we wanted to see if her experience with us and O S Removals encouraged her to use our website again.

When asking if she’d use our other services in the future, her response was immediate:

“Yes, I would! Definitely.”

Would you recommend using Compare My Move?

We politely asked Michelle if she could rate Compare My Move’s services out of 10 before ending the call. She was more than happy to comply.

When rating the ease of the website, she stated, “I would say a 10.”

When rating the effectiveness of the service and how easy it was to find a reliable company, she replied, “Yeah, 10 again!”

Finally, when considering the range of companies and the range of prices presented, Michelle stated, “Because there was such a drastic difference, I would say about 7.”

We also asked for any final thoughts on the house move and how O S Removals impacted the ease of her moving day.

“For the service we got and how easy they made it on the day, I would recommend [O S Removals]. They were absolutely worth their weight in gold.”

How can Compare My Move help you?

Compare My Move helps thousands of happy movers every year, saving them both time and money during the moving process.

If you’re searching for a verified and experienced removal company just like Michelle was, then look no further. We can match you with up to 6 moving companies in your local area. All of our partners must show proof of Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances before joining the network, so you know your possessions will be completely protected.

Did you know that removals aren’t the only service we provide? We can also help you save money during other stages of your moving journey by connecting you with RICS-registered surveyors, conveyancers, trusted storage providers and house clearance companies.

Additionally, we can guide you through the buying, selling or moving process with our expert advice and research. Whether you’re at the start, middle or end of the journey, we have a range of articles to help in our advice centre.