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Compare Removals To the Czech Republic From UK

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Used by over 1 million movers in the UK
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Compare & Save up to 70% off the Cost of Removals to the Czech Republic

Compare My Move can help you to save up to 70% on your removal costs to the Czech Republic. Formerly part of Czechoslovakia, it has become both a popular tourist destination and an area where expats flock to. The capital Prague is the fifth most visited European city.

Also known as Czechia, it has a population of 10.7 million people, with around 8,332 British nationals living in the country. Approximately 2,666 of these individuals have permanent residence.

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Compare and Save Romania

Which Shipping Option Do You Need?

Before you make the move to the Czech Republic, you will need to consider the shipping options available. Shipping furniture overseas can be costly so you need to work out what method is best for you and your items.

Which method you opt for will depend on the number of items you need to be shipped, your budget and your time scale.

The main opinions for shipping to the area are:

  • Sea freight
  • Road freight
  • Part-load
  • Air freight


Shipping options Romania
Shipping freight Romania

Shipping Freight

Despite being a landlocked country, there are ports in the Czech Republic. As a result, Sea Freight is possible. This takes longer than air freight but it is cheaper. It also won’t have the same weight restrictions.

Perhaps the most popular port is the port of Prague Smichov, in the capital city. It is located on the left coast of the country’s longest river, Vltaca. Other main ports in the Czech Republic include:

  • Usti Nad Labem Port
  • Port of Praha Radotin
  • Port of Kolin
  • Port of Melnik
  • Port of Decin


Road Freight

Road freight is the cheapest option for shipping items to the Czech Republic. Road freight is a reliable option and it is also far cheaper than air freight. It will, however, take longer.

Some companies claim can take as little as 48 hours to transport items via road to the Czech Republic. Keep in mind that this is optimistic and it will vary between removal companies.

The average time for a dedicated or part-load for road freight is 1-4 weeks. Brexit has also contributed to delays and issues at borders, so you will need to allow extra time for this.

International removal companies must be covered by Goods in Transit and Public Liability. This is to ensure your goods are protected during transit.


Road freight Romania
Part load slovakia


If you’re shipping a small number of items, you can opt for part-load. This is where the removal vehicle or container is shared with others. As a result, you only pay for the space you use. This is a cheaper option but it will take longer. The more people using the container, the longer it will take for your items to reach you.

As we have mentioned above, the average time for dedicated and part-load road freight is 1-4 weeks. It is likely that part-load will take closer to 3-4 weeks in this case.


Air Freight

Air freight is the quickest way to ship items to the Czech Republic, but it is also the most expensive. On average, air freight can take 7-14 days in total, from the UK to your destination in the Czech Republic.

Air freight will have weight limitations, so keep this in mind when picking your removal options.

The most used airport is the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (also known simply as Prague Airport). The second busiest is the Brno-Turany Airport.

The other main airports are:

  • Ostrava Airport
  • Karlovy Vary Airport
  • Pardubice Airport


Air freight Romania
Cost of moving furniture Romania

Cost of Shipping Furniture to Estonia

The average cost of shipping from the UK to the Czech Republic is approximately between £690-£955. The total cost will of course depend on how much you are shipping and the weight of the items. It will also depend on whether you opt for road freight, part-load road freight or air freight.

Keep in mind that if you opt for professional packing, this will add around £250 to the cost.

Here are the average shipping costs:

Container SizeCost (£)
20ft Container£1,629
40ft Container£2,902

*Data taken from DFS Worldwide and BRLogistics

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What Documentation Do I Need?

The documentation you need when entering the country includes:

  • A valid passport
  • Relevant visas
  • Removal inventory
  • Work Permit (if required)

You must register for healthcare as a resident of the Czech Republic. Otherwise, you must have private healthcare in place. Be aware that travel insurance is not intended to cover healthcare costs if you live overseas.

    Visas and Permits

    You can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa as the Czech Republic is part of the Schengen area.

    British Nationals are required to apply for a long-term visa (up to a year) or a long-term residence permit (longer than a year). These can be applied for via the Czech missions directly.

    If you are moving for work, the country offers three types of work permits which include the Employee Card, the Blue Card and the Intra-Company Transferee Card.

    Student visas can be issued for short-term stays of 90 days or longer-term of a year for non-EU citizen studying in the Czech Republic. You must apply for the long-term resident permit if you stay longer than a year.

    Non-EU citizens can also apply for a family reunification visa if they have a spouse or partner living in the country. Otherwise you must be over 65 and have a family member living in the country.


    Documentation Romania

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