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Used by over 1 million movers in the UK
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Compare My Move is here to save as much as 70% when moving to Maylasia with our accredited team of international removal partners. Malaysia sits against the South China Sea, stretching from the southern tip of Asia to Indonesia. It is a country of roughly 34,220,000 citizens, including around 16,000 UK expats.

Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur is home to just under 2,000,000 residents and is a favourite hotspot for retiring Westerners. Another few favourite Malaysian locations for expats include Penang, Johor and Ipoh.

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Which Shipping Option Do You Need?

Picking the correct shipping option can do wonders for your inventory whilst minimising cost. Being an accessible but distant country, Malaysia is suited to several transport options.

Before you go shipping furniture overseas, it’s good to take into account the type and number of items you’re moving. Wait times for different freight types can be different so you need to think whether you’d rather save time or money when moving.

Malaysia is reachable by ship or plane. With that in mind, you’ll have the following types of freight to pick between:

  • Shipping freight
  • Part-load
  • Air freight

Each method has upsides and downsides, which we examine in detail in our guide on international removal costs.


Shipping Options Malaysia
Shipping freight Malaysia

Shipping Freight

Thanks to being situated on both an island and a peninsula, Malaysia has 7 major ports where you can import your possessions. The most popular choice is Port Klang, next to Kuala Lumpur itself, though there are also ports close to Johor and Penang.

The other Malaysian ports are:

  • Port of Tanjung Pelepas
  • Port of Bintulu
  • Port of Kuantan
  • Port of Labuan

Due to the distance, delivering freight by sea to Malaysia is a lengthy process. Typical transit times range between 18 and 28 days by sea.

Shipping container costs are always cheaper compared to air freight. However, shipping is more susceptible to delays due to factors such as adverse weather and dock availability.



An ideal choice for smaller-scale moves, part-load helps cut costs by assigning you part of a container instead of a whole one. This way, your content will share space with other people’s possessions, making it more cost-effective.

Since the container will need to likely make multiple stops for other content, picking part-load can increase how long you wait. In Malaysia’s case, part-load shipping can take up to 5-6 weeks to arrive, depending on the freight timetable.

The long wait and reduced capacity are the downsides of part-load. The low cost and relative reliability make this a staple for anyone moving on a budget.


Part load Malaysia
Air freight Malaysia

Air Freight

The fastest form of freight, air cargo can reach Malaysia in as little time as 1 to 2 days. Malaysia has a total of 6 international airports, 2 of which are based out of Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

The other international airports include:

  • Langkawi International Airport
  • Kuching International Airport
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport
  • Senai International Airport

Air freight is a great choice for expats with fragile items, smaller amounts or less heavy loads. This is because the capacity of air freight is limited by both the weight and size of the cargo transported.

A drawback of air freight is that it is the most expensive form of freight. The price also increases with the weight and quantity of items you ship. Therefore, air freight is not suited to larger or heavier loads.


Cost of Shipping Furniture to Malaysia

Sending a 20ft container to Malaysia costs an average of £1,940, with a 40ft container estimated at £2,308. The cost of your shipping will differ depending on both the size of the container and the quantity of items you’re moving. You can choose to use packing services to make your move more manageable, but it will increase the price.

Here are the average shipping prices from the UK to Malaysia:

Container SizeCost (£)
20ft Container£1,940
40ft Container£2,308

Price data taken from MoveHub, MoverDB and ThreeMovers.


Cost of moving furniture Malaysia
Documentation Malaysia

What Documentation Do I Need?

In order to secure the correct visa and residence permit, specific paperwork will need to be processed. To get yourself secured in Malaysia, you’ll need the documents below:

  • A valid passport
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • List of shipping inventory
  • Proof of no criminal convictions
  • Valid Malaysian medical insurance
  • Work contract (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Visas and Permits

UK citizens visiting Malaysia short-term are included on the visa-exempt list, meaning they need to only apply for a Short Term Social Visit Pass.

Expat looking to stay longer will need to get a Malaysian Employment Pass, which requires you to have a work contract and to be earning above a certain threshold. Whatever visa you need, you can find the means to apply and submit documents on the Immigration Department of Malaysia website.

Once your application is processed successfully, you’ll be invited to a face-to-face interview. This will take place at the High Commission of Malaysia in London, where items like your passport will be processed.


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