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Go Panda Moves

Company Overview

Go Panda Moves

Welcome to Go Panda Moves, your local family run house removals company that offer bespoke removals services tailored to our customers needs, We take pride in providing a reliable house removal service from start to finish, taking care of you and your belongings every step of the way. When you choose Go Panda Moves for your house move you’ll be in safe hands.

Our services

House Move

We know how much hard work moving house can be so we will always send enough manpower to ensure that your move runs smoothly. We have experienced house removals experts who will load your valued possession with the utmost care and attention on to our clean and secure removals vehicles. We will then unload your possession at your new home, placing them in the rooms of your choice ensuring that you are happy with our house move service.

House Packing

We have experienced packing staff members that are fully trained in the latest moving and packing techniques, they’re experts in packing because they do it every day, for customers just like you. BY taking advantage of our packing service you can ensure that your belongings will be packed safely, securely and efficiently, ready for your house move.

House Packing MaterialsIf you plan to pack your belongings yourself we can supply and deliver the boxes and tape to your home, at a time that suits you. We have all the packing materials you need, including bubble wrap and protective packaging for fragile items. Our high quality packing materials will ensure that your possessions will be safe.

Locations covered

We are based in Cardiff and can help you move house all over Wales and the UK.

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