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The town of Beckenham in Greater London has a number of storage providers who can assist you when it comes to storing your goods. Whether you are moving house, planning long-term travelling or are looking to expand your business, container and self-storage services are available to meet your requirements.

We match you with companies that will contact you directly to further discuss your needs. They can provide a quote based on the size of unit you require, length of contract and any additional services. This way you can compare prices and offerings between reputable companies in your area.

Many of our London storage partners offer removal or delivery services separately for an additional cost, so ensure you discuss this when the storage providers contact you.

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    FAQs About Storage in Beckenham

    We’ve looked at everything you need to know about using professional storage in Beckenham and found that January, July, September and October were the most popular months to utilise storage. 

    Friday proved to be the most popular day of the week to arrange for storage, with the average cost of self-storage being £33.06. The average cost of a 70 sq ft container is £36.69 per week.

    How much does container and self-storage cost in Beckenham?

    The average storage rental rate in London is £33.06 per sq ft per year, according to the SSA’s 2021 UK Industry Report. This is almost £10 higher than the average for the UK, which is currently £23.94. London has the highest storage costs in the country, so keep this in mind when you arrange your storage rental.

    If you're looking for container storage instead, the average cost of a 70 sq ft container in London is £36.69 per week, according to Pick and Move. The cost of renting a 20 sq ft container starts at around £16 per week, with prices increasing alongside the size of the container.

    The overall cost of storage will depend on a number of factors. These include the size of the unit, length of the contract and if you need additional services. Don’t forget to compare storage quotes to ensure you secure the best rates and facilities in your area. Compare My Move can connect you with the most professional and verified storage providers in Beckenham.

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    Average Storage Costs in London
    Average Storage Costs in London

    Container storage in Beckenham

    Before comparing quotes, you'll need to decide whether you require container or self-storage. Self-storage units are located within a secure building and come in a range of sizes. Container storage consists of large metal containers that are outdoors . If you're looking to move vehicles, machinery or heavy furniture, container storage may be the solution for you.

    Despite being located outdoors, container storage is incredibly secure with constant surveillance monitoring the area. It does mean the units are more susceptible to extreme weather conditions, but only you and the staff will have access to the facilities. There are a variety of container types to choose from, with some options being portable.

    The cost of container storage will vary depending on your location and specific requirements, but the price is usually based on the size of the container. In London, where Beckenham is located, container storage can be as much as 64% cheaper than self-storage.

    Moving house storage in Beckenham

    One of the most common reasons people use storage is during a house move, especially if your house sells before your moving date. This can decrease the stress of the buying process and the move, in addition to giving you somewhere to store your items in the interim.

    By using storage solutions, you can save money on your removal costs as you will have fewer items to move, not to mention less stress on moving day. Self-storage is often the most popular choice when moving house, as the units come in a range of sizes and are located within a safe and weatherproof facility. Whilst located outdoors, container storage will be more beneficial if you're moving large furniture.

    Regardless of why you’re using storage, don’t forget to compare quotes before choosing a provider. This ensures you’re getting the best deals for your Beckenham storage needs.

    To learn more, read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business Storage in Beckenham

    Beckenham is home to a whole host of different businesses including local service providers, businesses, sole traders and tradesmen. Whether you’re a new business or an established company, storage can be an essential tool for your business.

    Commercial units are a safe and cost-effective way of storing a variety of supplies, paperwork and stock. Be it office furniture, important documents or tools, storage can be an asset for businesses of any size. If space is what you're looking for, you will require containerised storage which protects large and heavy items such as vehicles and machinery. If you're simply storing additional stock, self-storage could be the best solution.

    Our storage partners can offer flexible and secure storage solutions for your company. Not only will they have top-level security, but many companies have additional services to assist businesses such as free use of pallet trucks and trolleys.

    To learn more, read our guide to commercial self-storage.

    Student storage in Beckenham

    Beckenham is ideally situated for students attending Universities in South London or the greater London area. Thousands of students from across the globe flock to this part of the UK for education every year.

    As many, if not most, student halls of residents and flat shares have very small rooms, storage can be the ideal answer. Self-storage is most commonly used by students as they don't typically need the additional space provided by container storage. Whether they're international students or those with sporting hobbies which require large equipment, storage options are perfect for students.

    Don’t forget to ask storage providers if they offer student discounts. Get the best deal for your storage unit by comparing providers with Compare My Move.

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