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Compare Removal Costs

Save 70% off the cost of your house move today!

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Compare Removal Costs

Save 70% off the cost of your house move today!

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Compare Removal Costs

Save 70% off the cost of your house move today!

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Questions to Ask Your Removal Company

Martha Lott

Written by Reviewed by Dave Sayce

15th Mar 2017 (Last updated on 16th Mar 2023) 7 minute read

It's important to ask your removal company relevant questions to ensure their services are right for you and your personal requirements. There's certain information that you need to know, such as price and insurance details, to make sure you select a company that you can trust and that’s within your budget.

Whether it’s over the phone or during your home removals survey, there are plenty of great opportunities to ask your removal company questions to find out more about them and their plan for your move. Moving house can be stressful and so you want to make sure that you find a professional and reliable removals team who can cater to your specific needs. To help you get started, here's a list of questions to ask your removal company.

Compare Removal Company Costs
  1. 1. When Will You Conduct a Home Removals Survey?
  2. 2. Do You Have Insurance?
  3. 3. Are Your Staff Regularly Trained?
  4. 4. What Other Services Do You Offer?
  5. 5. When Should I Pay the Removal Company?
  6. 6. Do You Charge for Waiting Time?
  7. 7. What Size Vehicles Do You Use?
  8. 8. What Are Your Contact Details?
  9. 9. What is Your Cancellation Policy?
  10. 10. What Happens if it Rains?
  11. Save on Your Removals With Compare My Move

1. When Will You Conduct a Home Removals Survey?

The purpose of a home removals survey is to provide you with an accurate quote and for the removals team to inspect the house, allowing them to prepare for the move in advance. You don’t want to waste your time or money and so a home removals survey will ensure there’s no confusion and that the job can be conducted successfully. You should not be charged for this visit.

This survey is where the removals company will start asking you questions such as how many items are being relocated, do you need any specific requirements and so on. You should also take this opportunity to ask the removals team the more obvious questions such as when they’re free, how long they think the move will take and what will happen on the physical moving day.

2. Do You Have Insurance?

One of the most important questions to ask your removal company is what insurance they have. The removal team is going to be handling your most valuable belongings, so you need to know what their insurance does or doesn’t cover. They often don’t cover valuable items, so you may have to get them covered separately. Don't be afraid to ask for a copy of their insurance policy if they have it in place - most companies will happily let you see it.

If you would like further confirmation that your goods are fully protected whilst in transit, you also have the option of taking out removals insurance or contents insurance. Keep in mind, however, that only certain contents insurance will cover possessions whilst on the move.

As reassurance, all Compare My Move removal partners have both Goods in transit Insurance and Public Liability Insurance to ensure peace of mind that you and all your items will be protected throughout the entire journey. It’s still important to ask this question, however, to help you gain a better understanding of what’s covered. Rest assured, you’re always in good hands with a Compare My Move partner.

Compare Removal Company Costs

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3. Are Your Staff Regularly Trained?

Find out if the removal company’s staff are trained and how regularly. This will determine how well your possessions will be taken care of.

Many companies will regularly train staff to ensure they keep up with the latest removal techniques and technology. You can also ask if they are in full uniform and whether the team is casual, contractors or fully employed. Although not true in all cases, casual workers are less inclined to worry about the condition of your belongings and the quality of their work.

If the removal company is a British Association of Removers (BAR) member then this can provide additional reassurance that their company is reputable. BAR is the voice of the removals industry, so if your chosen company is a member, they will be held to high standards and are more likely to ensure your possessions are protected.

If they are not BAR members, they may have a membership with the National Guild of Removers (NGRS). This is another regulatory body that monitors removal companies to ensure they're working to the highest of standards, focusing on the needs and well-being of their clients. The NGRS has an official complaints procedure that you can access via their Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme (RIOS).

4. What Other Services Do You Offer?

Most removal companies offer other removal services such as packing services and white glove delivery services for the more difficult or fragile items.

Offering a packing service is one of the most common extras that removal companies provide. If your items are professionally packed, it will minimise the risk of damage during the move and help you save on your removal costs. Let them know in advance if you need help so they can set aside enough time. Usually, your packing service would be completed the day before your move, so be prepared.

Many removal companies will also offer self-storage services to protect your items during the move should you require additional space. Depending on the company, there could be a range of services to choose from, ranging from student self-storage to business storage. Our research discovered that the average storage costs in the UK are £23.94 per square foot.

5. When Should I Pay the Removal Company?

Another important question to ask your removal company, is when do you pay and what payment methods do they accept? You should ask whether you’ll be paying on the day or in advance and how you’ll be able to pay. You might want to question them further if they only accept cash as most reputable companies take credit card payments or cheques. You can also further question them about the actual removal costs and any added fees.

The majority of removal companies will ask for the payment in full in advance, with a minimum waiting time of 7 days before the move. This is standard procedure for the BAR accredited removals companies and means that you will be protected by the advance payment guarantee.

Compare Removal Company Costs

Save up to 70% on Your Removal Costs

6. Do You Charge for Waiting Time?

Be aware that some removal companies will charge you if there are delays - it can even be as much as £50 per hour. It’s important to ask your removal company in advance whether this will occur, as it’s good to be prepared for unexpected delays or last-minute moves. If you are buying and selling properties, there can often be a hold up with the solicitor on moving day and so it’s important to know whether this could affect the move and overall price.

7. What Size Vehicles Do You Use?

Depending on how much you need to move, the size of their removal van is important, making it a great question to ask your moving company. A small van aiming to pack up a 3-bed house is going to take multiple trips and much more time but will be better suited to areas with narrow lanes. They can determine how big the van will need to be when they first survey your house but you should still know the size of their fleet and how many trips they'll need.

8. What Are Your Contact Details?

This may seem like an obvious question to ask your removal company, but you’ll need to have their full address and contact details in case there are any problems and you need to contact them. If they are a legitimate company, it’s likely they will have an office, landline number and a good website as a form of contact.

This information will also allow you to check references and conduct research on the company’s recommendations and previous jobs. It also allows you to visit their location if need be.

Jacqui Morris, 15th June 2022

5 out of 5 stars

 Amazing. Helpful and professional. Would recommend to anyone. 

9. What is Your Cancellation Policy?

During the sale and purchase of a home, delays can occur which may force you to cancel or postpone the moving date. Understanding a moving company’s policy is important as they may charge for cancellations. This should be stated in their Terms & Conditions but don't be afraid to ask to confirm so that there are no surprise costs if the worst should occur.

10. What Happens if it Rains?

It might seem like an odd question to ask, but it’s important to know what equipment the removal company has and what conditions they can work under. You’ll be reassured if they have the appropriate covers and equipment needed to protect your belongings from bad weather.

It’s unlikely that a reputable company will cancel a job in the event of bad weather. Only torrential rain will usually affect the success of a relocation. However, it’s always important to ask beforehand so that you gain a better understanding of their removal plan and how they prepare for the job.

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Martha Lott

Written by Martha Lott

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Dave Sayce

Reviewed by Dave Sayce

Owner & Managing Director, Compare My Move

Dave Sayce is the owner and managing director of Compare My Move and has over 10 years of experience in the house removals industry.

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