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What Other Services do Removal Companies Offer?

Zenyx Griffiths

Written by Reviewed by Dave Sayce

15th Nov 2019 (Last updated on 1st Mar 2022) 6 minute read

When booking a removal company through Compare My Move, you have the option to select a number of additional services including help with packing and the use of storage facilities. Every bit of help is appreciated when moving house and so it’s good to research what else your removal company can offer you.

Moving house is universally viewed as a rather stressful and overwhelming event. But with a little help and organisation, it can be a lot more exciting than you think. To keep the stress to a minimum, it’s good to research what help is available and what more your removal company can do other than load and unload items. It's also beneficial when planning your budget, as knowing which services you and do not require can help you ensure a cheaper removal.

Movers and packers may have a limit of what they can and cannot offer. The price for each added service will vary depending on the specific company. But it’s always good to have an idea of what you want before committing to the service. This guide contains an outline of some of the additional services offered by a variety of removal companies so that you can easily add them to your quote.

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Other Services Removal Companies Can Offer
  1. 1. Packing Services for Moving House
  2. 2. Providing Packing Materials for Moving House
  3. 3. Packing Fragile and Awkward Items
  4. 4. Storage For Moving House
  5. 5. Office Removals
  6. Do Removal Companies Dismantle Furniture?
  7. Making Removals Easy With Compare My Move

1. Packing Services for Moving House

The average cost of a packing service for a 3-bedroom house is £250.

Many removal companies will provide a packing service to accompany your house removal. To calculate the price of the packing services, the movers will consider the number of bedrooms in the house, the time it takes them to pack, the types of packing materials used and the difficulty of the job. This will be an additional fee on top of your removal costs.

Our verified removal partners will have packers that are trained to pack and move your items with minimal risk of damage. They will have the skills and experience to handle a variety of items and ensure only the highest quality of packing materials are used. Make sure you don’t forget the moving house essentials by getting help. The removals team will also offer unpacking services so that you can settle into your home sooner.

Removal companies usually offer a full or part-packing service where you can let them know what items you’d like to be packed whilst you sort out the rest. Letting your removal company pack your belongings for you will allow you to have a stress-free move.

2. Providing Packing Materials for Moving House

If you’d prefer to do the packing yourself, without help from a removal company, many can still provide you with durable and stable cardboard boxes and packing materials.

How much does it cost to pack and move a 3-bedroom house?

On average, a packing service for a 3-bedroom house will cost £250. This is the cost for the number of boxes and materials as well as the service and labour of the removal company.

How many boxes are needed for a 3-bedroom house?

On average, a 3-bedroom house move will roughly need 25-30 medium-sized packing boxes. But this will vary depending on the volume of your move.

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3. Packing Fragile and Awkward Items

The average cost of a piano removal service will typically cost between £100 and £150.

When it comes to dealing with fine art and more valuable or awkward items, many removal companies can provide specialist packing services to meet your requirements. These can include piano removals, fine art removals and antique removals. There are even white glove delivery services that specialise in this type of house move.

Specialist items like pool tables and hot tubs are heavy, valuable and will usually require professional moving services to help prevent damage to the items, new house or even yourself. If you need to move any such items, fill in the special requirements field on our form and don’t be afraid to speak to the removal team.

It can also be awkward moving fragile antiques like grandfather clocks or fine art. Along with the knowledge and skills to move bulky items, specialist removal teams will also be able to help you with more fragile belongings. Many removal teams will have specialist equipment such as lifts, cranes and padding so that all your items are fully protected.

Talk to your removal company if you have any concerns about handling specialist items. They can visit your property to carry out a pre-move survey which will help to provide an accurate quote. The removal of specialist items will vary in price, so it’s worth asking your removal company questions to give you peace of mind.

4. Storage For Moving House

For a standard 50 sq ft room of storage, the equivalent to storing contents of a 1-bedroom flat or house, it will cost £23.02 per week. Our article on storage unit costs goes into further detail. The price of your storage service will vary depending on the contents of the storage, the volume of items and the duration of the service. There are a number of services to consider such as self-storage, lock-up garages and warehouse space to rent.

For whatever reason, you might not be able to move your items into your new house yet or perhaps you can’t fit everything in. Many of our best packers and movers offer secure storage facilities for you to keep your items for any length of time. But again, this will be for an additional charge.

Using a self-storage unit for your move will help you feel in control of your move, alleviating some of the moving house stress.

To learn more, read our Guide on Moving House Storage.

5. Office Removals

Many removal companies across the UK will also offer specialised services for offices and other types of business moves. They may have customised vehicles to carry the heavy and often fragile items as well as any confidential documents that require added protection. Before agreeing to a business move, you must check the company's insurance policies to ensure these services are covered.

Some of the moving companies that offer these services will not only dismantle and reassemble furniture if requested, but they may also be able to help when preparing your company's electronics. Any of these services mentioned must be discussed with the moving team before the relocation.

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Do Removal Companies Dismantle Furniture?

The average cost of a furniture dismantle service for a 3-bedroom house is £125

The majority of removal companies will offer a furniture dismantle and reassemble service. Most removal teams will conduct a home removals survey beforehand to gain a better understanding of what removal plan is needed. Make sure you discuss with your removal company exactly what needs to be dismantled and reassembled so they can give you an accurate quote for the service.

Packing and moving can be difficult enough without having bulky furniture to move and reassemble. A lot of furniture like beds, wardrobes, tables and desks need to be dismantled. But if you lack the experience, you should use professional movers to minimise the risk of damage to your items as well as yourself. Don't forget to include this in your list of questions to ask removal companies when comparing quotes.

Making Removals Easy With Compare My Move

Now that you’re aware of the other services removal companies offer, it’s time to find the perfect removal team for you. Simply fill out Compare My Move’s quick and easy form to get connected with up to 6 reliable removal companies in your local area. Many of our partners offer these additional services, but to narrow it down you can select the ones you require in our form.

Zenyx Griffiths

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Dave Sayce

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