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Used by over 1 million movers in the UK
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Looking for a removal company in Ealing? With an average moving cost of £874, we've helped over 4,300 people move home and save money in the Ealing area in the last year. We can connect you with up to 6 verified and reviewed removal companies in your local area, taking the stress out of moving home.

Located in the heart of West London, Ealing is well connected to various other parts of London. We have 50 quality removal companies covering Ealing, each having undergone our strict verification process. Every removal company must agree to our code of practice and our new business team diligently checks third-party reviews. We also check company documentation, ensuring every company has both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance.

If you're moving within or from Ealing, compare home removal companies with us to save up to 70% on your moving costs.

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    FAQs About Moving to Ealing

    Compare My Move's team has researched everything you need to know for your move to Ealing. Our removals data shows that the average cost of a removal company in Ealing is currently £874. We also found that July is by far the most popular month for a house move. 

    In 2021, the average property price for Ealing stands at £825,499. For those looking to rent, the average cost is £1,608 pcm. Our network of trusted removal firms will be able to assist you with your Ealing house move, locally or further afield. 

    Avg property price: £825,499
    Avg rental price: £1,608
    Avg removal costs: £874
    Best time to move: July

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Ealing?

    The average removal cost in Ealing is £874, according to our data. Ealing movers saw the lowest average price of £560 and an average high of £,1,188 for their removal company costs.

    It's important to note that the cost of your removal company will vary depending on your location, the size of your move and the company you choose.

    That's why it's vital to compare removal quotes with Compare My Move. We'll put you in touch with up to 6 trusted removal companies in Ealing to help with your move, saving you time, money and stress.

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    Average Removal Costs in Ealing 2020/2021
    Average Removal Costs in Ealing 2020/2021

    What is The Best Time of Year To Move in Ealing?

    According to our data, the most popular time of year for a house move in Ealing is July, with 11.55% of all moves taking place then.

    The second favourite month is August, with 11.18% of movers opting for a summer month. This doesn't come as a surprise with summer months giving that extra bit of daylight to help if your unloading runs into the night.

    Only 5.22% of our Ealing movers chose February to move house, making it the least favourite time of year. The second least favourite month is October, with just 6.51% of people opting for this month.

    With cold and dark days during the winter, we can see why many movers avoid booking a winter removal. Our Compare My Move removal companies offer their expert help all year round.

    Popular Months to Move House in Ealing 2020/2021
    Popular Months to Move House in Ealing 2020/2021

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Ealing?

    Our Ealing movers prefer to move house on a Saturday, with a huge 23.37% opting for this day of the week. Closely following with 22.64%, Friday is Ealing’s second favourite day for a house move.

    The weekend gives a couple of days off work to help settle in your new place, so this isn't surprising it's the most popular time to book a removal company.

    With just 7.15% of movers opting for this day, Sunday is the least favourite for a move in Ealing. As solicitor’s and estate agent’s offices are closed on Sundays, we can understand why movers don’t want to risk it.

    Rest assured, our Compare My Move Ealing removal companies can help you move house any day of the week.

    Popular Moving Days in Ealing 2020/2021
    Popular Moving Days in Ealing 2020/2021

    Our data revealed that the most popular destination for our Ealing movers is Islington, with 8.35% of all moves going here.

    Although the average house price is £857,747 which is more expensive than Ealing, Islington boasts close proximity to the centre of London as well as an enviable property market.

    We’ve looked at the top 4 locations for our Ealing movers, to help with your search. Along with Islington, other popular locations include Lambeth, Tower Hamlets and Camden. Below we’ve included the average house price as well as some helpful information about the area.

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    Top Locations For Ealing Movers 2020/2021
    Top Locations For Ealing Movers 2020/2021
    • Islington

      With 8.53% of all Ealing moves going to Islington, the area is a sought after part of London. The average house price in the area stands at £857,747.

    • Lambeth

      Popular with younger movers, Lambeth saw 7.75% of all moves from Ealing. The average house price in Lambeth is currently a steep £915,049.

    • Tower Hamlets

      Offering a variety of property types, but mainly made up of flats, Tower Hamlets has an average house price of £552,542.

    • Camden

      With lovely Georgian and early Victorian homes all around Camden, there’s no surprise the average house price there is £1,104,393.

    What Are The Average Property Prices In Ealing?

    In 2021, the average property price in Ealing is £825,499. The start of 2021 saw a 11.4% yearly increase in property prices in the borough, which made a great recovery from its -2.7% dip in June 2020.

    Flats were the most in-demand property type in Ealing over the last year, selling for an average price of £472,644, which is almost 50% more affordable than Ealing's average.

    Terraced properties in Ealing sold for an average of £818,658 in 2020, with semi-detached properties reaching a huge £1,098,550.

    To help with your house hunt, we’ve looked at different areas around Ealing to aide your location search. We’ve listed 4 places in Ealing that are more affordable than the borough’s overall average house price of £781,268, we will compare property prices of each area of Ealing.

    Average Property Price For Locations in Ealing 2020/2021
    Average Property Price For Locations in Ealing 2020/2021
    • Acton

      With an abundance of new homes in the area, Acton has an average house price of £634,448. The property scene offers Victorian and Edwardian detached, semi-detached and terrace houses.

    • Northolt

      Well connected transport wise, Northolt is a residential suburb. The area offers affordable housing compared to London prices, with the average house price standing at £377,460.

    • Greenford

      With an average house price of £449,323, Greenford offers a small-town feel providing plenty of green spaces and a small town centre with all the essentials and more.

    • Southall

      Filled with independent shops and eateries as well as well-loved chains, Southall has an average house price of £434,087.

    What is the Average Rent in Ealing?

    If you're not ready to buy a property in Ealing, you might be looking at renting. The overall average rent in Ealing is £1,622 pcm, with one-bedroom flats costing £1,214 pcm and £1,622 pcm will get you a two-bedroom house.

    One of the locations in Ealing that offers more affordable rent than Ealing's average is Sudbury, with the overall average rent costing £1,325 pcm and £907 pcm for a one-bedroom flat.

    Below we have listed 4 areas of Ealing that offer rental accommodation. We've included the average overall cost of rent along with the cost for a one-bedroom flat and a two-bedroom house to help you compare prices.

    Average Rent (pcm) In Ealing 2020/2021
    Average Rent (pcm) In Ealing 2020/2021
    • Hanwell

      If you're looking to rent in Hanwell, expect to pay on average £1,582 pcm. You can find one-bedroom flats for £1,169 pcm and two-bedroom houses for £1,366 pcm.

    • South Acton

      South Acton has an overall average rent price of £2,031 pcm, with one-bedroom flats costing £1,311 pcm and £1,400 pcm for a two-bedroom house.

    • West Ealing

      The average rent price in West Ealing is £1,628 pcm. Expect you pay around £1,193 pcm for a one-bedroom flat and around £2,206 pcm for a two-bedroom house.

    • Sudbury

      Sudbury has an overall average rent price of £1,325 pcm, with one-bedroom flats costing £907 pcm and two-bedroom houses averaging at £1,599 pcm.