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  • Elin

    London North


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    The pre move communications - very good, clear, regular and a competitive quoteMove day - they turned up on time but it was very clear that some of the team were inexperienced and didnt know what they were doing. We told the company that a table and ottoman bed would needed dismantling/reassembling however they said they didnt have tools! My father in law had to disassembled on one end and then they just left a disassembled bed for me to sort, on delivery. once again they said they didnt have the tools and they were only contacted and didnt know what they were doing. There were lots of arguments on the phone from the delivery guy in the van which made me feel very uncomfortable. There were a few damaged items but nothing too dramatic and although the elderly man in the van was arguing on the phone he seemed to have packed things well. There was one removal guy who was very friendly however this does not make up for the whole experience.Will i use again, absolutely not. Id recommend investing more money in getting professionals who arent time pressured, even when youve booked for a whole day they just dropped the boxes, as quickly and haphazardly as possible, and left.

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