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Welcome to The Little Removals Company, we are a family owned and run removals company with traditional values. When you choose The Little Removals Company you get a personal service with an outstanding level of customer care because we value your business and listen carefully to your needs to ensure that we offer you the right removals solution for your requirements. When you choose The Little Removals Company you can rest assured you’re in safe and experienced hands.

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  • Michael Steyn from Bristol on 17/08/2017

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    I have had the worst time of my life. We had a three bedroom house to move from and the packers (2 gentlemen) were absolutely brilliant. They came in and packed the whole house in a day.
    I did however have to contact Little Removals to check everything was in place. They hassled for the money and once it was paid that was pretty much the last time I heard from them. I received no confirmation payment had been received and no confirmation that everything was in place.
    I had to contact them for the details (on the day) and so said their guys would arrive at 8am on one day to pack and then 8am the following to load and travel. On both days I had to contact them to check they were coming, but in the end they arrived albeit at 9am.
    On the second day they took their time. We had to be out the house at 13h00 and only by 14h30 did we finally leave. The guys packing we're also brilliant, however this is where it all began... we had a few items go missing. The worst being my blow torch, as Little Removals say they cannot transport flammables, but they did... Even after specifically asking for it face to face with the packers. This obviously breached their contract which they haven't taken any responsibility for. The other high value item was aftershave from my boys for fathers day, plus 2 chargers and some other random items. Its such a disappointment and nuisance at the same time.
    They did however agree to settle these missing items and pay out full saying a cheque would be sent.
    Then once we unpacked our wardrobe (as we were awaiting for a new one to arrive which was close to a month) another item was noticed to have disappeared which we informed Little Removals about. After that I have hardly heard a thing, especially from Adrian who was dealing with it. The owner or MD Chris was also emailed (the one asking for the money and the main email address) and also not one word. I have been contacting them every other day and still no response (its about 2 months since we moved).
    Our things had gone missing after the move and they turn around to say that it is a bit strange, as they have never had an item go missing in 4 years. We trusted their guys and so did we. Everyone knows items would go missing and Little Removals have a policy of paying £40 per missing item which they not even adhered to.
    I would never recommend them to my worst enemy and would avoid them like the plague. They just want your money and not offered to help in any other way after payment had been received.
    Should they have resolved this honestly and in a timely manner, my review would be quite different.

  • Mia Faasse from Cirencester on 20/08/2017

    Customer Service:
    Value for Money:
    Moving Day:
    Average Rating:

    They arrived 2 and hours late and never apologise. They never compensated anything. Will never use them again.

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    House Removals

    We have a fleet of vans that can deal with any job large or small and we offer some of the lowest prices in the region for house removals services. We understand how stressful and tiring moving house can be so why not ease the strain of your house move by arranging your removals with a local company like us, with years of experience? With over 40 years experience in the house moves industry you can be sure of the most reliable service available.

    Packing Services

    When it comes to packing up your home it is likely you won’t know where to start, or more likely, you’ll be putting off the start of the packing process so why not call in our experienced packing team? You can leave your packing to us, while being sure that all your items are being packed in a safe and secure way.

    Packing Materials

    If you are keen to tackle the packing of your house yourself then why not contact us for the right packing materials for the job. We can deliver all the packing materials you need direct to your door and delivery is completely free of charge so whether you need boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper or any other packing materials we can help.

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