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White Glove Delivery Service

Jyles Kerr-Smith
Written by Jyles Kerr-Smith
26th January 2018 (Last updated on Monday 19th August 2019)

When moving house, you’ll always want to make sure everything is as efficient, cheap and, more importantly, safe as possible. But when it comes to your treasured and high value items such as paintings, antiques and collections, you may want to consider a more premium type of removal service.

Regular, reputable moving companies are a professional and fairly cheap way to move the majority of your belongings and you can expect them to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you research their qualifications and experience, you can find the perfect removals team for the job. They may even offer an additional service to help you with your more precious items. One of these available is the White Glove Delivery Service. 

Finding providers that are knowledgeable about moving high-value items will provide you with peace-of-mind that your most cherished items are safe and secure during the move. In this guide, Compare My Move provides you with the benefits of white glove removal services, the cost considerations and also tips for packing your items before collection.

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Benefits of White Glove Delivery Services

There are many benefits to choosing white glove removals over more traditional, quick-shift services. It’s always important to research what’s available to you and why the service could benefit you in the moving process. The most notable benefits include:

Extra Peace of mind

The major benefit of this service is the peace of mind it provides. Knowing that your most highly regarded items are being dealt with by a company that has extensive experience will allow you to relax during a rather stressful and chaotic time. All of our removal partners at Compare My Move go through a strict verification process, ensuring that every member is professional, reliable and extremely trustworthy, handling your items with absolute care and respect. 

White glove removal teams are highly-trained with extensive knowledge of how to handle delicate, valuable and sentimental items. With the potential chaos of the moving day taking its toll, protecting and ensuring the safety or these important items is just another factor that can easily be taken off your already full plate.


Many removal firms will provide the white glove service as an option. The way in which this service works allows the removals team to provide a much greater level of flexibility, fitting around you and your personal schedule. 

This is because the service is often offered as a premium due to the skilled nature of those providing it and the risk they take on by moving these items. This premium, plus the niche nature, means that the service is less in demand than regular removals, meaning more spaces and appointments will be available. The niche nature also means that providers are used to tackling unique challenges when it comes to moving high value items.

Delivery Options

Similar to our previous point, the nature of white glove delivery services can mean a greater number of delivery options are available. This is an excellent benefit as it allows the service to fit in better with your schedule during the highly hectic time that is moving house.

Whilst regular moving services usually means moving the items within one or a few days, white glove  deliveries will often allow for specialist storage so that your precious items can remain safe throughout the process and can then be brought into your new home when everything is less chaotic.

Highly-Trained Personnel 

It can be difficult trusting someone to handle your most valuable and important possessions. However, it can be incredibly reassuring when you know that they’re fully-trained and capable of protecting them. 

That is why everyone on the white glove removals team is trained to a high standard to ensure the reputation of the business, to provide peace of mind and to ensure all your items are fully protected and secure. They will be qualified with extensive knowledge of the industry, as well as regularly trained to keep up to date on modern removals equipment and techniques.


Although many reputable and respectable moving companies will arrive on time and be completely trustworthy, occasionally, a cheap and unestablished provider can be unreliable. It’s also important to remember that delays do happen and that even a professional company can sometimes encounter issues. 

White glove moving services, however, provide the assurance and confidence required in order to be trusted with valuable items. this is especially true of their reliability. As a premium service, this is of paramount importance to their success. Meaning you’re less likely to waste time waiting around for them to turn up. There’s a certain level of urgency attached to moving valuable items which encourages punctuality and reliability.

Reduced Waiting Times

High-end services such as white glove removals usually provide a high-quality service that is even above many regular removal services due to the urgency and importance of the tasks required. This means that customer satisfaction takes a great position of importance and waiting times are usually minimised as much as possible.

This can be of a huge benefit when moving properties as time is so precious during the process. The efficiency gained from reduced waiting times is going to pay off in the long run when you take into consideration the overarching task of moving house.

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Costs of White Glove Delivery Services

We have already alluded to the fact that white glove deliveries are a premium service which of course, comes at a cost. It’s impossible to give an accurate figure on these costs as they are so heavily dependent on a number of variables, like the distance which will be travelled, the size and weight of the items, the number of items and, of course, the provider you choose.

However, you should expect to pay a reasonable amount more for white glove delivery compared to the regular home removal services. We recommend that you only use these premium services for very high value contents, whether they’re of monetary or sentimental value. 

If you’re opting for a white glove delivery service, we recommend booking a home removals survey well in advance so that the removal company can examine your items and give you an accurate quote before making your decision.

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Packing Your Specialist Items

Packing your belongings may be offered as part of the service when you enquire about white glove delivery. However, in some cases, this may not be available or you may choose to do it yourself. If you’re in this situation, we’ve provided a couple of tips on how to carefully pack valuable items so that they’re completely secure and ready for transit. These include:

Packing Paintings

When paintings are of a high monetary or sentimental value, it’s important to pack them safely to limit any potential damage. This is applicable to any framed items like photographs and high-quality prints, but is most suitable for paintings where the physical material which makes up the picture is also at risk of being damaged.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that all packaging materials should be checked over to ensure that no sharp objects are sticking out, potentially damaging the picture or frame. Also, make sure that all the materials you’re using to pack are dry and clean so that there’s no negative impact on the painting during transit.

Lay the painting flat in its frame and cut some brown packing paper large enough to wrap it. You can buy the paper from any moving supply stores, post offices or online. We recommend that you cut enough to wrap around the painting a number of times to keep it secure. Fasten the paper with a good quality adhesive tape.

The next stage is to pack the painting into cardboard. For this, you can either buy speciality boxes, which we recommend as they are sturdier, or you could cut cardboard to fashion a box to the correct size yourself. 

Finally, pack any spare space within the box, ideally with polystyrene filler or newspaper. Make sure the box is secure and tightly shut to limit the possibility of it moving or sliding during transit.

Packing Antiques & Collectables

Packing antiques and collectables can be a real challenge. Not just because of the value of the item but also often because of the ornate presentation of them. When packing these items’ it is key to consider the individual elements which make it up. For example, an antique clock may need certain elements removing or unhooking during transport so that the strain does not damage the working parts.

Similar to a painting, ensuring the antique is wrapped to protect it from dust or dirt is the first step to packing. For this, using a good quality tissue paper in a few layers works well as it is usually easier to wrap around the various shapes and features of the item. Once this is done, securing it with a good quality tap will keep this layer in place.

Secondly, placing the antique into a suitable box will protect it on its journey. Depending on how fragile the item is, you may want to place this into a box that already has some additional protection inside to limit movement. 

It is not recommended to place multiple antiques or collectables into one box as it allows them to crash into each other during transit. However, in the case of collectables it is advised to either put all of the collection into smaller boxes and then into one large box or number/colour code them so you can quickly account for them all during the moving process.

Claire Watson, 28th January 2019
"Quick, efficient and friendly service. Everything was moved with care. Great value for money."

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In this guide, we’ve covered some of the issues that come with moving high-value items. However, one solution is to hire a white glove delivery service. We’ve included the benefits of these services as well as how you can ensure the items are safely and correctly packed. 

If you need a white glove delivery service then look no further. By using Compare My Move’s free service, you can receive quotes from our verified and trusted partners by filling out our quick and simple form, saving you both time and money during the moving process.