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Road Freight - Everything You Need To Know

Zenyx Griffiths

Written by

8th Aug 2017 (Last updated on 4th Jan 2021) 4 minute read

If you are moving abroad then your international removals company will advise you on the best modes of transportation. Depending on where you are moving, Road Freight may be one of those options. If you are moving within Europe, the vast road network will come in handy and will mean that a door to door road freight service may be a valid choice.

Road Freight is a term used when referring to the transportation of goods from one country to another via road. Europe has an extensive road map so often, those moving within Europe will use this international home removal method. 

This article will cover the following:
  1. Why Use Road Freight?
  2. Methods of Road Freight
  3. Road Freight Transit Times
  4. Cost of Road Freight

Why Use Road Freight?

Road Freight is considered both cost-effective and quick. If you are moving from the UK to another European country then this is an appropriate transport method to consider. In terms of international removals, there are other options but a road freight service is the most straight forward and, for that reason, it is one of the most common methods of transport for moving abroad.

If you will be using a dedicated service then road freight is very convenient simply because of the door to door service and because you will be able to choose a delivery day that suits you. Even if you were to use a shared service, you would be able to select a delivery window that suits you but you would have to wait a little longer.

Most International Removal Companies will be making weekly trips to European Countries. Road Freight is a suitable option for just a few boxes or select items or you can send your entire household.

If you are considering moving via road then it is hugely advisable that you use a professional and experienced company. If you are not overly familiar with the area you’re moving to then you really will benefit from using a pro as they will be able to deal with any narrow road issues or parking restrictions in the area.

Methods of Road Freight

The process of road freight really is straight forward in the sense that your items will be packed at your home and loaded onto a vehicle by your removal company. They will pack your items for international transport and load up the vehicle.

There are two common types of road freight services. A dedicated road freight service and a shared road freight service.

Dedicated Service

A dedicated service is a service whereby the allocated removals vehicle will only be carrying your items. Your items will be packed at your home and loaded into a vehicle to be taken directly to your new home in Europe and you will get to choose a convenient delivery date. This is a more expensive option than a shared load simply because the service is exclusive to you and the truck will carry only your items they will be delivered directly to your door.

Shared Load

If you choose a shared load service then you will be sharing a vehicle with other customers. If you don’t have enough items to fill an entire removals vehicle then you can share the vehicle to save on costs. This is a much more cost-efficient option for those only looking to transport a part-household, the downside being that the vehicle won’t be able to leave the UK until it is full so you can’t choose a delivery date. You will be given a delivery window and the actual delivery date will be confirmed once the vehicle is loaded. 

Road Freight Transit Times

Transit times for road freight services are subject to a number of variables. Specifically, where in Europe you will be moving. The road network is efficient throughout most of Europe but, naturally, some areas are more accessible than others. The timeframe for delivery is also dependent on whether you are using a dedicated or a shared vehicle. Once the consignment is on the road, it is a rapid service, far quicker than sea shipping services and not as pocket shattering as air freight services. As a guide, a UK to Spain Road Freight Removal will take approximately 3-5 days.

Cost of Road Freight

This again is tricky to call. The final price will be determined by where in Europe your allocated vehicle is travelling and on whether you will be using a dedicated or a shared vehicle. Your removal company will be able to offer you accurate quotes when they visit your property to assess the volume of your belongings and consider your requirements. As a guide price, a 3-bed home being transported from the UK to Spain can cost in the region of £3000 - £5000.

We hope this guide has been useful. As soon as you have your moving date, it is time to international removal quotes to find the best deal.

Good Luck in your New European Home!

Zenyx Griffiths

Before Compare My Move, Zenyx once wrote lifestyle and entertainment articles for the online magazine, Society19 as well as news articles for Ffotogallery.

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