Change of Address Checklist

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
29th June 2017 (Last updated on Monday 17th June 2019)

So, you've sorted your house removals. With any change of address comes a whole string of people and service providers you'll need to notify with your new address. It may seem obvious who you need to tell and what you need to do, but moving home is often a chaotic time when many of these tasks can be overlooked.

This is why Compare My Move have put together this fool-proof change of address checklist, so you'll know exactly who to notify and what to do when moving home. From utility providers to your local GP, keep this checklist in mind when you're changing address.

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Your Change of Address Checklist

  1. Redirect Your Mail
  2. Change your Car Insurance Details
  3. Take Final Meter Readings
  4. Change Address Details on the Electoral Role
  5. Change Address for Deliveries
  6. Inform the Local Authority
  7. Inform your GP
  8. Inform the Bank
  9. Change Your Address for Subscriptions
  10. Change Details on TV License
  11. Update Your House Insurance
  12. Tell Friends and Family
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Redirect Your Mail

It’s always a good idea to redirect your mail when you move house. It’s astonishing how many correspondences you get from various places. You may not remember to change your address on absolutely everything and you don’t want your mail going to your old house for months (sometimes even years) after you have moved. 

Make sure your information is protected and identity theft is prevented by getting your mail redirected by Royal Mail. Do this in advance of moving day. It takes around a week to process, and you can apply to redirect 6 months before or after your moving day. There may be a small charge involved with redirecting your mail, but it will be worth it if you can avoid your paperwork falling into the wrong hands! The fee starts from around £34 for three months, and you can redirect your post for up to 12 months to your new address.

Change your Car Insurance Details

You may be moving to a new house, but your car needs to make the journey too! Simply update the information on your car insurance, car ownership certificate and your driving license. We know moving is a busy time, but you can do this online on the GOV.UK website, or if you have the time, visit your nearest Post Office to submit the paper application. Your car insurance company also needs to be informed of your change of address, as most policies are based on location. If your area is considered to be more high risk, you may end up paying slightly more, but if it’s considered safer, you could end up getting a refund.

Take Final Meter Readings

Before you move, remember to take your final water, gas and electricity meter readings. Notify your suppliers before you move so you aren’t then billed with someone else’s usage. Moving House is also a good time to consider changing suppliers to get the best deals. Let your utility provider know your moving day around a month before the date, provide your new address, and remember to submit your final meter readings on moving day.

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Change Address Details on the Electoral Role

This is vitally important! By updating your information on your electoral role, you can ensure that you get to vote in local and national elections at your new address. Being registered at your new house will also help to improve your credit score as it helps lenders check your name and address. 

Change Address for Deliveries

Are you someone with a lot of subscriptions or do a lot of online shopping? When you move house, you should change your address on these platforms so that your deliveries arrive at the right place. Imagine your devastation when your new boots, your Christmas catalogue and your exercise DVDs arrive at your old address! 

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Inform the Local Authority

You must remember to inform the local authority that you’ve moved as you will need to register to pay council tax. Some wait to get a letter from the LA regarding their council tax, hoping they will get away with it for a few weeks but it does get backdated and you’ll have to pay either way so you’re better off just getting on with it. 

Inform your GP about your Address Change

You'll need to tell your GP, dentist and any other medical professionals about your change of address so they can update your records. If you’re moving to a different catchment area, it will probably be easier to sign up to a new GP anyway, in which case you will need to inform them of a new address.

Inform the Bank About your Change of Address

It’s super important to inform your banks, building societies, insurance companies or any other businesses that deal with your finances so they can update their records of you. You don’t want any bank details to be sent to your old address... For all you know, there’s an evil genius living there now. If your mortgage is with your current bank they should update all your records automatically but it’s still worth checking. You'll also want to cancel any direct debits that are no longer required.

Change Your Address for Subscriptions

Remember to change the address for those monthly things you may take for granted, like gym, Netflix, and magazine subscriptions. It's easy to forget to update the address related to these services, especially if on a rolling contract. Postal subscriptions will need to be updated too, so you don't miss out on your newspapers/magazines at your new house.

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Change Address Details on TV License

No one wants to go without their television! Imagine on Day 1 in your new house... Your first dinner time and you can’t watch ‘The Chase’! You need to notify your TV licensing company about your change of address and the date that you’re moving to your new house. This will ensure that you are covered from the day you move in.

Update Your House Insurance

It's important to remember to update the details on your home and contents insurance, as your insurance premium is likely to change alongside your address. Your insurance provider will likely deem an area riskier or safer than your old address, and your insurance costs will then reflect this.

A change of address is the perfect time to research switching your home insurance provider, especially as you'll likely have an up-to-date inventory list to inform your contents insurance. Even if you see no change in insurance cost, it's vital they have an up-to-date address for bills and further contact. 

Tell Friends and Family About Your Address Change

This is entirely up to you. You could go into hiding for a couple of weeks so you know there will be no unannounced visits. That could be considered pretty harsh though. Go ahead and let your family and friends know where you are. You never know, with a bit of luck, one of them will consider how busy you will be with the move and offer to help or bring you a frozen lasagne. We can but hope!

Save on Your Removal Costs

As much as changing address can be a proverbial pain in the backside, it is an unavoidable and essential part of moving house and moving house is an exciting time. We hope that this Change of Address Checklist will help you save time and stay organised. 

Remember to use Compare My Move to save time and money on your house move. Fill in a quick and easy form and get connected with up to 6 professional removal companies. We hope this checklist will help you inform the right people and establishments of your change of address, keeping everyone up-to-date and fully informed.