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How To Move A Piano

Martha Lott
Written by Martha Lott
1st April 2018 (Last updated on Tuesday 9th April 2019)

If you're moving house, you'll need to start thinking about how you're going to pack and move specialist items such as your piano. The thought of moving a piano may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right equipment and proper planning, moving your piano without a removal company can be simple. 

Pianos shouldn't be moved carelessly as it could damage your floors as well as the piano's wheels. To move a piano, we would recommend getting help from moving companies that specialises in piano moves, but if this is not feasible, we have created a step by step guide to help you. 

Follow our step by step guide and expert advice on how to safely move your piano for your home removal. 

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This article will cover the following points

A Guide on Moving a Piano 1. Get Help With Moving Your Piano 2. Create an Easy Access Route 3. Packing Your Piano 4. Moving Your Piano Save on Your Home Removal Costs

A Guide on Moving a Piano

We've put together 4 simple steps on how to move your piano for your home removal. 

  • Most removal companies will offer a piano moving service which will make it easier for you. If you don't want to add another service on to your home removal, you should make sure you get help from friends and family. 
  • Ensure you've created an easy access route to the piano for yourself or the removal company. 
  • Lock your piano lid shut and secure with protective covers and tape shut.
  • Use a moving dolly and with the help of your friends and family, carefully move your piano.
How to move a piano

Read on for a detailed breakdown for all 4 steps, including how to pack your piano and the best method to move your piano, especially if you have to move it downstairs. 

1. Get Help With Moving Your Piano

Pianos are incredibly heavy, but are made up of intricate keys, hammers and strings that are easily susceptible to damage. Moving a piano therefore takes a lot of effort. It's easy to damage your floor as well as your piano if you attempt to move your piano without advice or help.

It's highly recommended to get help from your removal company to move your piano. Many professional removal companies will have services that specialise in piano removals carried out by highly trained and skilled team members. 

However, if you're on a budget, it can still be done without a removal company. Get together at least 4 of your friends or family to help you with moving your piano. They shouldn't suffer from any back problems and should be of average strength. It's advised for 2 people to stand either side of the piano so the weight is evenly balanced.   

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2. Create an Easy Access Route

Before even attempting to move your piano, you must create an easy access route for the removal company, or for yourself if you're doing it without a professional. 

Look our for potential obstacles, such as narrow doorways that you will struggle to get your piano through, in your current house and in your new house. If you are using a professional removal company, you need to discuss these issues with them beforehand so they can plan accordingly. They may need to remove doors or door frames to make extra room.

You should clear any obstacles that could affect your route by making sure stairs and floors are completely free of any items. By now, you should have decluttered your house before moving. There shouldn't be any wet or slippery surfaces that could cause danger during the move.

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3. Packing Your Piano

If you're using a removal company's service that specialises in moving pianos, then they'll provide the packing equipment. If you're not using a removal company, you'll need to gather your packing materials and equipment in advance. 

You will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Packing tape
  • Moving ramp
  • Non-slip gloves
  • Protective covers or blankets/old bed sheets
  • Moving van
  • Moving cords

How to Pack a Piano:

  1. Move objects out of the way and lock the piano lid shut if possible, securing it even more with packing tape 
  2. Cover the top in non-slip blankets to protect the piano’s finish
  3. Use tape to secure the blankets in place 
  4. Put moving blankets underneath one end of the piano, and then place a moving dolly close to the opposite end
Jude Hanratty, 18th July 2018
"Very easy process and great service"

4. Moving Your Piano

You'll then need to move your piano. This is especially difficult if you need to move your piano downstairs. Follow these 5 steps 

Step 1 -

Your movers need to be on both ends of the piano, with three people on the dolly end of the piano, and one person in the middle to guide it. They will lift the piano, while the dolly is placed under and the piano is secured.

Step 2 -

Using the wheels of the dolly, you can now slide the piano across the floor and out of the room.

Step 3 -

Reposition your movers so at least two or three of them are positioned on stairs to help guide the dolly’s wheels and prevent the piano falling down the stairs.

Step 4 -

Bring the dolly to the edge of the top step and push the piano down to lift the front wheels of the dolly closest to the step

Step 5 -

Movers on both sides of the piano need to hold on to it tightly while you roll the back wheels of the dolly to the top step. Then, gently push the back of the piano upwards so the front of the wheels of the dolly rest on the next step below.

Repeat these steps until you have the piano all the way downstairs. Don’t rush anything, and stop if someone needs to quickly rest of readjust.

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