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Why Use a Professional Snagger?


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25th Aug 2023 (Last updated on 3rd Jan 2024) 5 minute read

When buying a newly built home, a professional snagger can uncover a range of problems or defects. Using a professional ensures that nothing is overlooked. You can also be sure the inspection is completed to a high standard.

This is vital for providing peace of mind when moving into your new home. Although a home that has just been built should come without issues, this isn’t always the case. Many home buyers make the mistake of judging the quality of the property on the overall look of the home. However, on closer inspection, there could be hidden issues.

A snagging survey can protect you from developing issues in the home and ensure you get what you paid for. Below we look at when you need a professional snagger. We'll review what they do and how to find the best professional in your area.

  1. What is a Professional Snagger?
  2. What Will They Do?
  3. When Do I Need One?
  4. What Qualifications Do They Need?
  5. Is Using a Professional Snagger Worth It?
  6. Can I Do My Own Snagging Survey?
  7. How Do I Find a Professional Snagger?

What is a Professional Snagger?

A professional snagger is an individual who is experienced in new build snagging surveys. This is essentially a property survey for new build homes.

The role of the surveyor is to assess and inspect the home for any “snags”. These are defects or potential problems in the home. Examples include poor external brickwork, faulty plumbing or unfinished decor.

What Will They Do?

A professional snagging surveyor will inspect the home. This includes a comprehensive snagging checklist, ensuring no aspect of the home is overlooked. They will review both the exterior, such as the brickwork and roof, and the interior. They will also inspect the grounds, such as gardens, footpaths and driveways.

All elements of the home are checked, from the doors and windows to the plumbing and fixtures. The snagging surveyor will work their way through the home systematically, ensuring all areas are checked. They will ensure that the building meets current building regulations and industry standards. They also check that all goods included in the home are in working order.

They will then draw up a thorough report with their finding which is provided to the buyer. It will detail any unfinished work, poorly fitted goods or potential problems. Sometimes it will include photographic evidence. This can then be used to discuss the matters with the contractor or home builders.

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When Do I Need One?

A snagging survey is designed for new build properties, so is needed when you are buying a new build home. The optimum time to have a new build inspection is before you move into the home.

Once you move in, it may be harder to prove that any defects were the result of poor workmanship. The building company could argue that defects were caused during the time you have been living in the home.

There are two inspections available. These are the pre-completion inspection (PCI) and the post-completion snagging survey. Be aware that some developers do not allow surveyors on site until legal completion. In Scotland, this would be following the conclusion of missives. This is when the sale is legally finalised.

What Qualifications Do They Need?

To date, there are no qualifications specifically for working as a snagging surveyor. That said, when looking for a professional snagger, you should be sure that they are experienced. For example, they should have an in-depth understanding of the standards set by new build home warranty providers.

Although not a requirement, you can look out for the following

  • NVQ in The Built Environment
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Building
  • Member of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers

When comparing professional snaggers with Compare My Move, you can rest assured that all surveyors are vetted. They must be registered with either the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) before joining our partner network.

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Is Using a Professional Snagger Worth It?

Snagging survey costs in the UK are £300-£600 on average, depending on the location, size and type of home.

Compared with the cost of a new build home in 2024, this is a relatively small price to pay for peace of mind. A snagging survey could also save you money long term. If issues are found and addressed early on, it could save you money on repairs in the future.

Once your new home is out of warranty, any repairs or corrective work will have to be paid for out of your own pocket. Additionally, if these are not highlighted early on, they could end up costing more as time goes on.

If no issues are found, or if the issues are minor, you can rest assured that the home has been thoroughly inspected.

Can I Do My Own Snagging Survey?

It is possible to do your own snagging survey but there are a few things to be aware of. First of all, if you are not an experienced surveyor, you may miss issues in the home. This includes both serious issues and minor defects. You may also lack specialist equipment that a professional would use for a detailed inspection.

Unless you are completely confident in your ability to spot issues, hiring a professional is recommended. They will have specialist knowledge and skills to assess the home thoroughly.

Any money saved by doing your own snagging survey could be lost if you miss something. Seemingly small problems could develop into a bigger - and more costly - issues.

Additionally, if issues are found, a professional snagging survey will hold more clout when making a claim with the home builder.

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How Do I Find a Professional Snagger?

One of the best ways to find a professional snagger is by using a comparison site. At Compare My Move, we can match you with up to 6 snagging specialists in your area. We only take on snagging professionals who are registered with RICS or RPSA. This ensures they are held to the highest standards and provide great service.

Once on board, our partner support team monitors all partners once on our network. This is to check that they continue to meet our strict code of conduct. When you need a professional snagging inspection, Compare My Move can match homeowners with the experts.


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