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Top 10 Party Wall Surveyors London


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31st May 2023 (Last updated on 16th Feb 2024) 5 minute read

When you find yourself in need of a London surveyor for a Party Wall matter, hiring an expert is required. A surveyor can assist with disputes over work on adjoining walls, considering all neighbours involved.

Finding the best professional available is essential to ensuring a successful agreement. Their knowledge and experience can go far in ensuring a resolution with neighbours. In London, with space at a premium and many homes being semi-detached or terraced, this can be more important than ever.

Adhering to the Party Wall etc Act 1996, these surveyors can work towards a resolution between adjoining neighbours, setting out what work and building plans can go ahead. Whether you want a loft extension, work on a shared structure or construction work in a basement, our partners can assist you.

Below we look at the top 10 London Party Wall surveyors, allowing you to find the right professional for you.

  1. The 10 Best Party Wall Surveyors
  2. How We Selected These Companies
  3. How to Find a Party Wall Surveyor?
  4. How Much Are Party Wall Surveyors Costs in London?
10 Best Party Wall Surveyors London



Property Surveys Southeast


JRM Boret Surveyors Ltd


London Party Wall Co.


Erikas Grig Chartered Surveyors


Anthony McKenzie Chartered Surveyors


Collier Stevens


Hogan Ltd


RES Property Surveyors


GA Surveyors


UNEK Building Consultants

The 10 Best Party Wall Surveyors

1. Property Surveys Southeast

Property Surveys South East can assist you with any issues or queries you have regarding party walls. Our team will provide you with an accurate survey quickly and efficiently. We will assist you through the party wall process.

“Professional, good comms. Well-written survey report with clear detail. All good!”- Matthew Anderson

property surveys southeast

2. JRM Boret Surveyors Ltd

If you find yourself in a dispute over a Party Wall, JRM Boret Surveyors Ltd can assess the proposed work on the wall. A Party Wall Award can be drawn up which can settle the matter between homeowners. This outlines who is responsible for the costs and what work can go ahead.

“I was very happy with the service and the report. It was very detailed, and presented both facts and sound advice.” - Jeremy Hadfield


3. London Party Wall Co.

London Party Wall Co are a firm of party wall surveyors based in London. They aim to provide their clients with a simple and seamless experience. Whether you need advice on new boundary walls, excavations or work on a party wall, they can assist you.

“Fantastic communication and clear transparent fees, good value for money.” - Lily Baldwin

London Party Wall Co

4. Erikas Grig Chartered Surveyors

Erikas Grig Chartered Surveyors can assess party wall matters, offering help and advice. This includes drawing up a Party Wall Award. This will outline what work can take place and who pays for the costs.

“Professional, fast turnaround, property was valued as expected, fair and reliable.” - Maria Volkova

Erika Grig

5. Anthony McKenzie Chartered Surveyors

Anthony McKenzie has London-based experts who can assist with your Party Wall enquiries. They boast a knowledgeable team who can provide helpful advice when property owners are in a dispute over a shared wall.

Anthony McKenzie

6. Collier Stevens

When you find yourself in need of a party wall surveyor, Collier Steven can help settle disputes that could interfere with your home project. Working across London, they can draw up Party Wall Awards and inspect any related projects.

Collier Stevens

7. Hogan Ltd

Based in Chelsea, Hogan Ltd was founded in 1997. They can assist with Party Wall disputes, working towards a resolution with a Party Wall Award. Whether you are the person wanting work done or the adjoining neighbour, Hogan Ltd can work with you.


8. RES Property Surveyors

Another top RICS-registered company, RES Property Surveyors are experts in their industry. They can assist with Party Wall-related concerns across London, settling disputes between neighbours.

RES Surveyors

9. GA Surveyors

    London-based GA Surveyors can talk you through everything you need to be aware of regarding Party Wall matters. This includes drawing up a Party Wall Award and advising you on the best steps to take moving forward.

    GA Surveyors

    10. UNEK Building Consultants

    UNEK Building Consultants can assist with Party Wall matters across North and East London. Whether you need advice for work on a party wall, or are in a dispute with someone who does, they have the expertise to help.


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    How We Selected These Companies

    The list above features some of the best Party Wall surveying partners on our network. We’ve looked at a range of our London-based surveyors, including the top-rated and some of our newest partners.

    We’ve taken into account customer reviews, qualifications and the range of services offered. The top four have been ranked based on reviews, with the remaining surveyors ranked in terms of how long they have been with us.

    Our dedicated team works hard to ensure that we only take on the best RICS and RPSA surveyors in the industry. Our Partner Support Team then monitors all companies to ensure they continue to meet our high standards.

    All surveyors must pass a strict verification process before joining our network. This makes sure they provide service of the highest quality. To pass verification, we check the following:

    • Professional Company Checks: We conduct checks to ensure every joining company is trustworthy and reliable.
    • Online Presence: All surveyors must have an up-to-date website or RICS profile. This must include relevant information such as contact details and location.
    • Positive Reviews: We also take into account previous customer reviews.
    • Qualifications and Certifications: Every surveyor who joins our network must be registered with either RICS or RPSA.
    • Code of Practice: Regardless of the service offered, all partners must follow our code of practice. This is a set of rules to ensure that they always serve customers to the highest standards.

    Save on Your Party Wall Survey

    Speak to a RICS or RPSA Surveyor Today

    How to Find a Party Wall Surveyor?

    One of the best ways to find a Party Wall Surveyor in London is by comparing professionals with Compare My Move. We can match you with up to 6 Party Wall surveyors in your local area, ensuring you are connected with the best in the business.

    Alternatively, there are a few other ways of finding a specialist to help with Party Wall matters.

    These include:

    • Recommendations from family, friends or colleagues
    • Searching the RICS website
    • Using the RPSA website
    • Reading reviews for a trusted local Party Wall surveyor

    How Much Are Party Wall Surveyors Costs in London?

    Across the UK, the hourly rate of a Party Wall Surveyor in the UK is usually between £90 and £450. On average Party Wall Surveyor costs are around £1,000.

    In London, however, costs are likely to be higher. This is because surveying services in the city will come at a premium. There will be no “set” price for a Party Wall Surveyor in London as it will differ between surveyors. With this in mind, comparing surveyors and their costs can be an effective way of finding the right fit for you.

    For more information see: How Much Are Party Wall Surveyor Costs?


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