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Money Saving Tips For Moving House

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
17th March 2017 (Last updated on Thursday 2nd August 2018)

Saving money when moving house may seem like an impossible task. It’s true that the entire process of moving house will leave a gaping hole in your purse but here at Compare My Move, we are all about getting the best deals and saving people money. There are plenty of other ways to save money when moving house... Our smart and savvy money saving tips are inspired… If we do say so ourselves.

Let’s get one thing clear before we get started though. We may be out to save you money but we are not about to advise you not to use a removal company. The way we see it, a removal company is vital and the cost should be factored into your budget. We’ve all heard the stories, read the articles and seen the statistics on the stress of moving house. Well, we believe that the only reason people drown in chaos when moving house is that they didn’t use a removal company.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s how to move house on a budget:

This article will cover the following points

1) Negotiate Fees 2) Compare Removal Company Costs 3) Declutter your Belongings 4) Book Early and Move Outside Peak Time 5) Get Friends and Family on Packing Duty 6) Pack Free and Pack Smart 7) Change Suppliers 8) Change your Address 9) Freebies 10) Cut the Wi-Fi

1) Negotiate Fees

Let’s start at the very beginning…. the first place you should look to save money will be on estate agents, conveyancing, surveying and removal companies. Learning to negotiate is often overlooked in the home selling process. Learning to negotiate can help you reduce fees from 3% to 1%. Keep in mind this works better with small companies or independent estate agents, as national companies will often have rigid policies about their fees. The housing market is, after all, just that... A market so, go ahead and haggle!

2) Compare Removal Company Costs

This is an obvious one... Removal Company Price-Comparison is a must. Compare with us and you will save up to 70%. You can save on the cost of your removal company by decluttering before you get your quote… and if you will be having another clear-out then let the removal company know as they may adjust the quote.

3) Declutter your Belongings

We are forced to repeat ourselves here. Decluttering will seriously help cut the cost of your removal company. The price is determined by the amount of stuff you have. If you’ll soon be moving to a new home then isn’t that a great excuse to get rid of all your old junk? You don’t want to pay people for the privilege of moving things you don’t need from one place to the next, do you?

4) Book Early and Move Outside Peak Time

Often, booking your removal company in plenty of time means getting a better deal. It can also mean that you are less likely to be blindsided by unexpected, added costs and, here’s another pointer…. So many people aim to move in the summer but this can mean you’ll pay more for a removal company because this is a peak time. It’s better to move in the winter, mid-month and mid-year. You could save money this way.

5) Get Friends and Family on Packing Duty

Usually, here at Compare My Move, we would advise you to use a full packing service from your removal company. It is cost-effective because, being professionals, the removal team are far less likely to drop, smash, break and damage things. But, as we are not necessarily talking about cost-effective here… We are talking about cheap and about saving money… It is an option to call in favours from friends and family or simply bribe them with a pizza and do the packing yourselves. If you opt to just have the removal service then your quote will be lower than if you were to add packing services.

6) Pack Free and Pack Smart

Sometimes, the removal company you are using will provide the packing materials for free or you will be able to buy them at a discounted rate. It is worth taking advantage of this to save money but if you want to be extra frugal, then plan ahead and start collecting free boxes in the weeks leading up to your move. You should be able to take a load of boxes off the supermarket’s hands and be sure to ask around in your local community. People are usually keen to get rid of their boxes and will be glad for you to take them.

7) Change Suppliers

Start as you mean to go on in your new place. Think about how you can save money after you have moved. Ask the previous tenants who the current energy and broadband suppliers are. Do a bit of research to find out if switching suppliers could save you money.

8) Change your Address

You will need to remember to change your address with the utility companies and it’s really important that you inform your local authority as you’ll need to register for council tax. Do this right away because although you might think you can dodge it for a couple weeks and plead ignorance… It will be futile. It will be backdated and nobody wants a nasty lump sum when they haven’t long moved house. Register to vote too… Being on the electoral role can boost your credit score.

9) Freebies

There’s nothing wrong with accepting a few hand-me-downs when you have just moved house. Especially if it’s your first home. If you can get furniture, curtains, crockery or anything for free, then take it and save every penny you can. It is good to check out community Facebook pages and look on sites like Gumtree and Freegle. Sometimes people are just glad to have their old items collected for free.

10) Cut the Wi-Fi

Think about when you will be moving and your bill cycle for things like the landline, the Wi-Fi and your cable or satellite television. Sometimes, you’re better off cutting the service off a couple of weeks early so you’re not left paying for it after you have moved and you want to set up accounts at your new address. You may have to go cold turkey on the Netflix and Facebook but … every penny counts, right?

There you go…. Moving to a new home is pricey but you can still watch the pennies, be smart and save a bob or two along the way. Happy Moving!

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