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Moving to Greenwich? Save on Your Property Conveyancing Costs

At Compare My Move, we can connect you with up to 6 verified London conveyancers in Greenwich, saving you up to 70% on your conveyancing fees. All partners must pass a strict verification process. Part of this process is proving that conveyancers are regulated by either the SRA, CLC, LSS, LSNI, or CILEX.

The purpose of hiring a conveyancing solicitor is to handle the legal aspects of your property purchase. Additionally, they will be responsible for organising essential searches on the home and land. These searches will highlight any environmental risks such as flooding or subsidence.

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Greenwich

    Our team has discovered that the average conveyancing fees in Greenwich are £1,490 when buying and £1,430 when selling. The conveyancing process takes 159 days to complete on average. 

    Your solicitor will arrange essential searches that can provide details about the property you are looking to buy. These are a key part of the conveyancing process and can highlight concerns with regard to the home and the wider local area. 

    Why Hire a Greenwich Conveyancer?

    Your conveyancer's job is to help you through the legal aspects of your property purchase or sale. This includes explaining legal jargon and conducting relevant searches.

    According to the UK House Price Index, 2,845 existing properties and 372 new builds were sold in Greenwich over the last year. Terraced properties increased the most in price, rising by as much as 7.7% in June 2021.

    Instructing a conveyancer once your offer has been accepted will ensure a more efficient process. The conveyancing process includes:

    • Conveyancing searches
    • Liaising with other parties such as mortgage lenders
    • Arranging the exchange of contracts and completion date
    • Paying disbursements on your behalf such as Stamp Duty

    There may be additional tasks and steps if buying or selling a leasehold property.

    Data taken from UK House Price Index

    How Much are Conveyancing Solicitor Fees in Greenwich?

    Greenwich has an average house price of £417,494. This means that the average conveyancing fee when buying a freehold property is £1,490 and £1,650 for leaseholds. When selling a property, the average fees are £1,430 for freehold properties and £1,580 for leaseholds.

    Conveyancing costs are dependent on factors such as whether you are buying or selling, the property type, and the location. The total amount will consist of legal fees, disbursements, and searches.

    You will need to pay for a full Local Authority Search to be carried out on the property. In Greenwich, this costs £173 including VAT, according to the Greenwich Council website.

    Data taken from Compare My Move’s Moving House Calculator

    How Long Does Conveyancing Take in Greenwich?

    Our team found that the conveyancing process takes approximately 159 days in Greenwich. This is the same length of time as the national average. This takes up just over half of the entire process.

    The full process from the initial listing to the day of completion takes around 297 days in Greenwich. Compared to the national average of 274 days, this is significantly longer. This is because properties are more likely to remain on the market for a longer period of time in Greenwich compared to other regions.

    The total time your conveyancing process will take is dependent on factors relating to the difficulty of the case. For example, if you are on the property chain, you will face delays as you will likely be selling and buying a property at the same time.

    Data taken from Get Agent

    What to Expect From Conveyancing Searches in Greenwich?

    Conveyancing searches are one of the most important parts of the conveyancing process. They will provide you with useful information regarding the property.

    There are areas of Greenwich that have high levels of risk from flooding. Properties near the River Quaggy, Deptford Creek, and Butts Canal are more likely to be affected.

    Geobear's Subsidence Map shows that there are risks of subsidence present throughout East London. Furthermore, evidence of subsidence can be seen across the borough of Greenwich. The findings appear to be a lower risk than areas of Central and South London, but it can still be a concern for potential homeowners.

    There is evidence of Radon Gas throughout East London, however, there are much lower levels within Greenwich. Readings are among the lowest in the UK in the centre of the borough. However, there are slightly higher levels in outer areas of the borough, such as Plumstead and Kidbrooke.

    Data taken from Get The Data and Geobear's Subsidence Map